Mardi Gras Ball: What a Night!

On the night of Feb. 18, F-sub and the Land Gap Committee hosted the Mardi Gras Ball.

Mardi Gras is a French word meaning “Fat Tuesday.” It is a 47-day American celebration honoring the separation of Louisiana not being ruled by Napoleon. The celebration consists of Christian feasts and Fat Tuesday ends the party this year on March 1. Ash Wednesday follows on March 2, beginning the fasting season known as Lent. 

Grambling’s 2021-22 F-sub President Corlin Williams shared what went on in the preparations for the event. 

 “As far as preparation for the event, it was really, really tricky,” Williams said. “ A lot of the stuff was us putting our brains together,” he said. The black and gold room had a GRAM FAM sign in LED lights.  Also, the chairs were covered in purple, green, and yellow.”

 Williams shared his gratitude to the people who helped organize the event. 

“A huge shout-out to Khristian Chester and Rayshon Box —  they were in charge of decorations and coordination.” he says, “I loved the music going on, it was beautiful. Everything turned out  great.” 

From the wobble, soul train lines and cupid shuffle, the dance was a success. Couples slow-danced or gyrated together on the dance floor, while Lamon Wimberly, a DJ known as GO DJ TWIN, played some of R&B’s greatest hits. 

 “What I like about DJing is, I love moving the people!” Wimberly said.  “I’ve always been in music, I was in the Grambling band, and I also play the saxophone.” 

The food was provided by Sodexo, which is partnered with the café. Catfish, chicken, fruits, and sandwiches were served. For drink options, there was lemonade, sweet tea and water.

Students stood on the sides taking selfies in front of LED lights in elegant outfits.

"I love our Mardi Gras ball because it shows how we can come together and have a good time,” said junior Devine Stewart. “The dance was definitely lit. If you did not go, you missed out for real.” 

Balloon arches, masks, and large fans made for an eventful and decorative night.

“Putting this Mardi Gras ball together for our students was absolutely amazing, from putting up decorations with peers, and the turn out right now.” said chair of the Land Gap Committee Erica Baker. “It’s pretty great just getting back from COVID because I know we didn’t have a ball last year.” 

Williams said he and his crew  consider themselves event planners because they were able to get people to come out for a memorable case. 

 “Being the president, it really made it hard having to step down and let someone lead,” Williams said. “Everybody played a part on the board. They worked late Wednesday night to like 11 or 12. It was an experience that a lot of people don’t have, and we're all young.”