GSU junior starts her own makeup artist business,

Kayla Mosby is a Baltimore native and junior here at GSU who is making strides to take the business she began in high school  to another level. 

 “In the middle of my junior year of high school, I was depressed, so I decided to learn something new. I feel in love with doing makeup on myself. It took me a while to start taking clients, but once I did, it just took off,’’ Mosby said. 

Mosby said she wants to encourage young girls who are interested in starting their own business. 

“Be consistent! Post your work every chance you get and practice even if it’s on your friends, yourself, your family,” she said. 

Mosby loves her passion, and she works hard every day to become better at her craft. Mosby often practices with her friends to improve her techniques and learn new ones. She began her makeup journey when her mom purchased her first makeup kit, chair and light. Mosby also worked to save up to invest more into her business. Now Mosby is moving in the right direction, taking clients from not only Grambling but now in Atlanta. 

She said that being a business major and entrepreneur has helped her become more organized and punctual. Furthermore, she also feels that being a marketing major has allowed her to learn new ways to promote her business. 

 “I live my life off a schedule,” Mosby said. “So I wake up and do school work. I normally plan everything around my appointments, so if I have appointments in the morning, my school day starts a little later. If I have appointments in the evening, I make sure anything dealing with school is done during the day.”

 In addition to being a makeup artist, Mosby also sells eyelashes during her free time as drop-off items for her clients. Mosby’s love for makeup allowed her to become more creative. Mosby often bases her makeup looks off of what someone is wearing or what event they are attending. 

“I love when people come to me with the concept,” Mosby said. “I feel like makeup pulls the whole look together. I also like to recreate and put my own twist on other MUAS looks.”  

Aside from Mosby’s makeup passion, she is also very passionate about mental health and self-care. 

 “When you’re busy a lot, you can let go of who you really are and forget to put yourself first, but you can’t truly be successful if you’re not taking care of yourself and putting yourself first,” Mosby said.  

Mosby has multiple  passions, with  makeup being her first. She said her business has excelled with the help and support of Grambling students and clients from Atlanta, and she  continues to make strides to make her business successful. 

If anyone would like to be glammed up for an event or party, Mosby can be reached on or @kay.glam, Twitter @kay_glam.

Kayla Mosby