Vanderbilt Thompson: A Gramblinite of many roles

Grambling State junior Vanderbilt Thompson, a biology major from  Maricopa, Arizona, is thriving in multiple leadership roles. 

Thompson currently holds several leadership positions at GSU. He is the vice president of his fraternity Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. Xi Chapter.

“It’s a very demanding role,” Thompson said. “As any leadership role would be, it comes with great days, and it also comes with its challenges.”

Thompson is in his second year in the leadership position. 

“My experience has been one full of excitement and helpful lessons,” Thompson said.

“This role teaches me patience, resilience, strategy, thoroughness, transparency, and communication development. Some excitement includes delegating activities like participating in stroll-offs and step shows and other challenges like doing the paperwork to be able to have those types of activities.”

Thompson is a representative to the president of the Fraternity and ensures that he has everything he needs in preparation for meetings, upcoming events, member, and student engagements. He is also responsible for recruitment, looking to find other men who would make a great addition to the frat.

Thompson also does things outside his frat, as he is a new manager for the Grambling women’s softball team. 

“I’ve never seen a team like them, and I’m honored to be a part of their team,” he said. “I’m still learning a lot about my role as team manager, but what I’ve seen so far, these women look to me for continuing motivation and encouragement.”

One of Thompson’s most impressive feats includes being the president of the biology club at Grambling. Thompson actually says his role as president of the club is easier than being vice president of his frat.

Thompson has been the president of the biology club for almost a year.

 “I came to Grambling on a whim to get out of my comfort zone, and to familiarize myself with my culture on a more in-person and in-depth approach,” Thompson said. “As I participate and engage with Grambling and all that this university has to offer, it only makes me enjoy the experience even more.”

Moneesha Gay, one of Thompson’s closest friends, refers to him as “an incredible individual.”

“I am extremely proud of him and happy with all the involvement he has been in,” Gay said. “It is important as a biology student to be around other biology students, and he has helped grow the biology club to make this happen for me and everybody else.”

Thompson invites all biology majors to join the club, saying that it is a “must” to get all the majors to join and grow the group. For his future outlook, he is looking to grow in all aspects of life and continue his involvement in many GSU-related things.

“I’ve had a multitude of family members who are graduates of GSU and I will continue that legacy going forward.”

Thompson is a part of the reason GSU is a better place. He is one of the students that fit the motto, “Where Everybody is Somebody.”


Vanderbilt Thompson