KSLS Club: Looking to Make a Difference

Grambling State’s Kinesiology Sport & Leisure Studies Club is looking to make a comeback this spring semester.
The club is open to and invites all Kinesiology majors and minors to join.The  held its first in-person meeting of the year on Jan. 28.
Many students are unsure about what activities to do on campus. The KSLS club at Grambling is looking to bring fun events to students.
“This semester is a resurrection semester for the KSLS club. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and all of its restrictions and protocols, the club became inactive,” said KSLS club president Tania Winborn. “This semester, however, we are planning to not only activate the club again but also the campus.”
Winborn has been the club’s president since before the pandemic and is playing a big role in planning recreation activities that students can participate in campuswide. Even after graduating from GSU, she is still serving and looking to make a difference.
“This club’s future is promising and being a new alumna but still holding presidency over the club, I am tasked with making sure that my new club members see how that the club is run and can take from what I will show them this semester into semesters to come,” Winborn said.
Hydia Banks, a sophomore at GSU, is excited for the opportunities to come with the club. “It’s a great club to join if you’re a kinesiology or leisure studies major. It gives us a space to lean on each other and also brings you around people that have similar career choices.”
Banks also said she is looking forward to the internship opportunities and volunteer work. Banks revealed that she will be participating in some volunteering with St. Jude.
Although being inactive, the club has been adding students in multiple ways. Some of the ways include via social media and student outlook.
Senior Nia Johnson joined the club during the fall semester and is currently serving as the Interim Vice President and social media liaison.
“So far I love the club. It’s the first club I joined on campus being a ULM transfer,” Johnson said. “The club had been inactive, but I knew it existed. I had to be a detective and finally got in contact with alumna Tania, who was the last KSLS president to get the club back active.”
Johnson’s role includes making flyers for the meetings and making sure the club’s social media is active.
The club is currently on two social media apps, Twitter, and Instagram. The club’s Twitter handle is @GramblingKsls and the club’s Instagram handle is @ksls_club_gsu.
As far as the future outlook on the club, expect many events and volunteer opportunities. The busiest week of the semester for the club will be KSLS week.
“KSLS week will be full of recreational activities for all students to participate in, community service projects on campus and off, and potentially a field day,” Wilborn said.