GSU student creates clothing line

Grambling State University sophomore Ameer Muhammad is showing his style while getting a leg up on his fashion competitors. 

The Portland, Oregon native has created his own clothing line — “Lavish World.”

A self-proclaimed fashion fan, Muhammed said he loves to “rock” different clothing and his brand features multiple clothing wear including T-shirts, hoodies, joggers and long sleeve shirts. 

“I’ve always had the dream of having my own,” Muhammad said. “I never wanted to be the employee, or have to punch in on someone’s time clock. It’s really exciting and I believe I can get really big with this.”

Muhammad says his inspiration came from some of his high school friends. 

“They always pushed me to be better, they knew about my love for fashion,” he said.

One of his closest friends, Keleisha Pea, says his brand is just beginning. “His brand and the overall look are great, to begin with,” Pea said. “The name, the logos, and just the idea is sweet. He can only go up from here. I am going to continue to support them because his brand is dope and I know he will improve with time.”

Muhammad has also been getting great reviews from his customers. Justin Leonard was one of his customers and said he feels that the brand looks “awesome.”

“His brand is beautiful,” Leonard said about Muhammad’s fashion creations. “The different mixes of colors and the logos are just trendy. For me, I’ll be a regular customer.”

Leonard was not the only one to give Lavish World a great review. Taylor Reeves, a Baton Rouge native, discovered the brand through Instagram. 

“I just so happen to run across his brand on the ‘for you’ hashtag,” Reeves said. “It caught my eye and I’ve been interested since. I believe the logo with the globe is the reason it caught my eye. I’ve bought multiple items, including the hoodies and a few shirts for my friend.”

Currently Muhammad’s only brand is clothing but he hopes to expand on what he has to offer. 

“I’m looking forward to expanding with more than just clothing,” Muhammad said. “I would love to make a lot of things ‘Lavish World.’ I want even the smallest of objects with the logo on them. I would love to see lighters, mase, even shoes with the logo on them. I know it will be a lot of work, but I am up for the challenge.”

Lavish World is currently not a physical store but is online. The Lavish World website can be found at 

The Lavish World brand also has multiple social media accounts with products posted. The Lavish World Instagram account can be found with the tag of @lavishworldclothing, and Muhammad’s profile on Instagram is where one can find additional apparel he has created.

Lavish World also has a Facebook page and Twitter page. It can be found through the Wix product service page on Facebook and the Wix Twitter page with the tag @Wix.