With the violence that has happened on campus the last few days, do you wish you would’ve have gone elsewhere and why?

Kobe Johnson
Ferriday, La. 

“I chose to attend Grambling because it’s the best HBCU in the world and with all the shootings that has taken place over the past few days does not make me wish I’ve gone elsewhere because that can take place anywhere and if you love a school you work hard as one make it better. I love every single day here at Grambling, the good, the bad the ugly. WE WILL SURVIVE, BECAUSE WE ARE GRAMBLING.”


Kylyn Lewis
Criminal Justice
Ferriday, La. 

“I chose to attend Grambling State University because it’s really a place where everybody is somebody. It’s a place where I can better myself, grow and learn about the realities of the world. Even though the past few days were scary I do not wish that I would’ve attended another school. All school have ways they need to improve security and the way things are being done, but I love Grambling and I’m willing to help in any way possible to end gun violence on our campus and make it safer learning institute.”

Lewis Matthews
Kinesiology with a Concentration in Sports Management
Clayton, La.

“I chose to attend Grambling State University because of my mother and aunt being graduates of GSU. I also wanted to be my mother’s first born to graduate from Grambling. I also play football for Grambling, and I even though I was a walk on, I am getting play time and I love every bit of it. I wouldn’t choose another school due to recent activities because what happened could happen and do happen at other school. Grambling is not the first and will not be the last school that has a shooting, but Prayfully we can work together to try to prevent it from happening again. I love Grambling and everything it stands for.”


Jaylen Jackson
Transfer Junior
Kinesiology Sports & Leisure
Ferriday, La.

“To be honest I, I choose Grambling because it’s close to home and everyone here feels as family. I’m able to purse my career of choice, verses my other school not offering the program.” A lot has happened the last few days but my choice to be here still stands. We as a school need to come up with a better security protection plan when there are big crowds but other than then that there are usually no major issues.”


Jhonesha Jefferson
Criminal Justice
Clayton, Louisiana

“I chose to attend Grambling State University because itd closer to my hometown and I had family members to also attend. I like being around Family and Friends and I can get my education so regardless of these past few days, Grambling doesn’t have any major drama going on that I am aware of, and the shooting doesn’t make Grambling a bad school because outsiders will find a way to ruin everything. Prayers to the victim and their families.”