How has Grambling’s administration been since you have attended this school?

Synaiyah Lawson
San Dimas, California

“The administrators seem to be doing good they’ve replied faster than they ever have since last year. Registrars and financial aid I’d say there ok and doing their part I really haven’t had to be in contact with them to give an exact answer.” 


Jadah Heckard
Monroe, LA

“The classes had filled up quickly and I got registered late because of Financial Aid, so no I wasn’t able to take most of the classes that I wanted to take. “


Ce’Arion Turner
Los Angeles, California 

“I’ve personally never had a problem with the admin, but I have heard that others have had some trouble. As for me, things have run smoothly.” 


Paris Beckley-Bogan
Flint, MI
Digital Art & Mass communication

“Grambling State University has an okay admin. Is it like how it used to be? No. Grambling has changed a lot over the last few years due to difference circumstances, but Grambling has always been ‘make it your own,’ ‘“do it on your own.’”

Kendall Mears
Flint, MI

“On gram campus there can be a huge change with the rate the administration gets back to you, they tend to keep you waiting. If you ever need something done, stay persistent for results.”