Junigan on being back in class: ‘Covid happened during my sophomore year’

Since the Covid outbreak in the Spring 2020 semester many students have had all classes online for nearly two years. 

Ke’leica Junigan is a Business Marketing major and a minor in dance from Gary, Ind.

In the fall 2021 semester Junigan is now back at school on campus. 

With being back at school having hybrid and online classes it seems like this should turn out to be a good semester. 

“I’ve been adjusting to the restrictions pretty well because it's meant to keep everyone safe,” Junigan told The Gramblinite. 

With students having to have some classes in-person safety protocols will have to be made.

“Since some of my classes are online I have a lot of time on my hands to get all my work done before and sometimes after practice,” Junigan said. 

Junigan said she prefers a mixed learning model of both online and in-person classes. 

She sid it's much easier to manage since some students' classes aren’t in person anymore and it’s more convenient for students who aren’t always able to make it to class due to jobs and other personal things.

This fall all of the sports teams also returned. 

“Since Covid happened during my sophomore year, I had almost two years off from dancing because we couldn’t all be in the studio together and everyone had to quarantine/lockdown,” Junigan said. 

Now that campus is back open, Junigan and the rest of her team is now able to start back dancing amongst each other. 

With campus being back open she hopes this semester will have a great turn out.

“Being a Junior now I’m looking into getting me an internship with a company I can someday work for and networking much more,” Junigan said. 

While attending classes that will benefit Junigan and her future and also gaining new friendships and experiences, Junigan is ready to finish this semester because graduation is coming soon.

Ke’leica Junigan