Covid-19 vaccinations still available on Grambling State University Campus

Staff Sergeant James Trujillo said vaccines are still widely available on Grambling State University’s campus adn that students may be eligible for a $100 incentive program. 

He is in charge of the Region 8 testing for the National Guard. 

As commander Trujillo coordinates with Grambling staff to set up the sight whether it be testing and/or vaccines. 

The vaccination sites are broken up into a total of nine regions across the state of Louisiana.

“As a Louisiana Guard, or any other Nation Guard, we are here to assist the state that we’re working for,” Trujillo told The Gramblinite. 

Trujillo said if being tasked to get trained to host these vaccination sites and push out vaccines to minimize the spread of Covid-19, then that’s what they’re here for. 

Several courses and personnel meetings had to take place in order for Trujillo and other Guard members to be properly trained to be certified to administer vaccines and tests. 

Vaccines are available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Mondays and Wednesdays in the T.H. Harris Auditorium. 

The vaccines are available to faculty, staff, students and the community of Grambling. 

University students who get their vaccines at the sights are automatically eligible to receive a $100 visa gift card while supplies last. 

Patients must receive the vaccine at participating community-based sites as listed on Anyone receiving their first shot is eligible and may only participate once. 

“The $100 award that you get from getting the actual vaccination is not hosted by the Louisiana National Guard, it's hosted by each individual school,” Trujillo said. 

Louisiana’s “Shot for $100” program is a rewards program offered by the Louisiana Department of Health’s, “Bring Back Louisiana” campaign. 

The objective of the program is to increase awareness of availability of the Coronavirus vaccine, and to provide reliable efficacy and safety information.

The shots for $100 program is hosted by each individual school from a third party program.

The program is an incentive to promote the vaccines to those that are willing to receive it to stop the spread of the coronavirus. 


A National Guard member applies a vaccine.