Adrian Consonary Jr. serving as UAAM Inc. chapter president

United African American Men Inc. President Adrian Consonary Jr. is an honorable man who sets great examples inside and outside of school. 

Consonary began his presidency of the Genesis chapter of UAAM on Aug. 24 after a vote by organization members. 

At the age of 16 Consonary received a royal crest after he was knighted at the age of 16 to signify his transition from boyhood to manhood. The symbols on the crest symbolize leadership, integrity, love, engineering and belief. 

“I actually have served in several capacities of leadership throughout my time as a student here at Grambling State University,”  Consonary said. 

Some organizations that he has participated in and contributed to include UAAM Inc., SGA and Student Ambassadors. Consonary even has some organizations of his own including Doctor Durag and Lyfeline Initiative. 

Consonary said he expects a lot of activity under his leadership. 

“I plan on bringing a great amount of change to the campus through this fantastic fellowship and lead the campus to greatness in all aspects,” he said.  

The organization wants its students to be great academically, socially, personally and professionally. 

Consonary plans on also bringing in more scholarships and internships for undergrad students by connecting with our alumni and bringing them back to encourage more students.

As president, Consonary plans to represent the organization like he always has – to the best of abilities.

“I will act as if it’s my own name I’m representing. I do not like putting my name on anything that does not meet my standards,” he said.  

In the same manner, UAAM’s name will not be tied to anything unless it is excellent Consonery said. 

He previously served as Mr. UAAM and Chapter Vice President. Both these roles required Consonary to represent the organization and be a role model for those inside and outside of the organization.

The purpose of United African American Men Inc. is to promote the principles of liberation, leadership, self-determination, academic excellence, and the upliftment of the black community and Consonary plans during his term as President. 

Consonary said he has some positive events upcoming to impact the campus in the best way possible.

United African American Men Inc. President Adrian Consonary Jr.