Call Me MISTER: Kamerius Palmer

Freshman Kamerius Palmer is an advoate of the Call Me MISTER (Mentors Instructing Students Toward Effective Role models) program.

"I always wanted to come to Grambling State, but I never did have a major so my senior year when I was introduced to the Call Me MISTER program, I finally had a major and that is when I first decided to come to Grambling State University," he said. 

Call Me MISTER just celebrated its first-year anniversary. 

"It’s a program that’s trying to get young African American men in the classroom because there is only 2% of African American men in education so they are trying to get more African American men in the workforce,” Palmer said. 

Palmer expressed how he would like to be one of the African American men that guides other young men.   

"I found out about the Call Me MISTER program through my principal who was passing the program out to people who she thought would succeed and do well through the program," Palmer said. 

In high school Palmer's principal saw potential in him.

"I think that she chose me because I’m a respectable student and I also have the academic background to be a part of the program and she knew that I wasn’t going to play around and I’m going to try my best to succeed in the program," he said. 

Palmer said one of the reasons he decided to choose Grambling State is because it’s close to home. 

He also expressed another reason was because of the amazing people, an amazing student body.

"And there is nothing like an HBCU experience," he said.  

Palmer wanted to be at an HBCU. 

Palmer said he is enjoying Grambling State University. 

Kamerius Palmer