Parker: ‘I’m expecting homecoming to be packed’

Essence Parker, a native of Dallas,Texas, is one of the new captains of the Orchesis dance company and she will be leading this week's homecoming game for the first time.

Parker is a junior at Grambling State University double majoring in psychology and sociology with a minor in dance. 

With this being Parker's first time leading in the front row instead of in the back this opportunity is a very big deal.

Especially with all the homecoming events and activities that go on around campus the football game will be one of those events you don’t want to miss. 

“I’m expecting homecoming to be packed…. very packed everyone is excited covid isn’t going away but we’re trying to push through it and trying to prevail,” Parker said. 

For this week's homecoming game Parker is going to make sure that she and the rest of the team are ready and have everything together before getting in the bleachers or getting on the field for the halftime show. 

“You will see a lot of alumni come out and enjoy reminiscing about their time here on campus. You may also see some former Orchesis as well,“ she said. “I feel like you have to pay respect to the people that were here before you of course it’s good to keep tradition but I also feel like you should pay your respects to them.” 

Homecoming is for the alumni so it's good to keep the tradition going.

“Homecoming is an experience you’re never truly prepared for,” Parker said. “Homecoming is one of the best memories because of everything that goes on from the greek show, to the talent show, the concerts etc. For the incoming freshmen, it's different from high school. It's very different but it’s also welcoming. it makes you feel like…’OK this is like a family,’” Parker said. 


Essence Parker