Betts: ‘I been proving people wrong my whole life’

One of the G’s very own Dakari Betts is a freshman at Grambling. 

He also Is a part of the Men’s Track and Field Team. 

Betts was born and raised in Flint, Mich. 

He attended Carman Ainsworth High School and soon after transferred to Hamady High School graduating from there before finding his way to a new home known as Grambling. 

Betts is taking on a whole other state with the means of conquering his goals here during some global tough times. 

With support, a level head and hunger, this young man contains all the right ingredients for success.

Betts is a well-rounded athlete who benefits from guidance from some of the best Grambling has seen. 

There is no doubt that his support from the coaches Bertram Lovell, Lamonte Vaughn Jr and Curtis L. Pittman. 

Vaughn previously coached at Titusville High school where one of his jumpers was nationally ranked. He then made his way to Marshall University where he broke 13 school records and won a MAC champion title before he made his way to the University of Washington where he led his runners to 6 NCAA All American awards and accomplished many more things while being in the presence of the huskies. He later on made an appearance at Ucla to coach the men’s 4×1 relay team to the NCAA finals and more. 

Then his second to last stop he coached at nearby Louisiana Tech where he led them to a CUSA Championship.

As we all know, being away from home can be tough for some.

Especially so far but Betts does not seem to reap the effects of homesickness. 

“I feel great about being away from home because I love being away from home and I barely get home sick,” Betts said. 

Betts said on the way to becoming the best athlete of his ability he has experienced doubt from others. 

“There were many doubts from other people, but I been proving people wrong my whole life. Whatever I put my mind to, I can succeed in it,” he said.  

With the indoor track season shortly approaching with their first indoor meet against LSU, January 10 Betts has some months to put in the work he needs to make people turn heads and prove everyone who doubted him wrong. 

The anticipation to see what he will accomplish throughout the season is slowly building up. 


Dakari Betts