Teatime with Ms. NAACP

NAACP President Jordan Braithwaite, a Missouri native, brought a non-familiar event to spark the campus of Grambling State University. 

Braithwaite joined Director of Career Services Kellye Blackburn in late September to hello with their job prospects. 

She wanted to explore something Grambling hardly see on campus so she decided to host an event about resume building, internships, networking and much more. 

Braithwaite wanted to give students a chance to enhance their resumes to their full potential and also gave exclusive tips on interview prep and how to build your network. 

Grambling hasn’t seen a seminar or event that shows you how to truly type up your resume or even start networking with important people. 

Braithwaite delivered a great event to help students at Grambling State University. 

“The type of exposure this event gave to students was definitely career insightful and just exposure on how to do career development and professional development within themselves. Also, gain soft skills that they will need to go into a interview,” she said.  

The interview part of getting a job is just as important as the skills of the job. 

The first impression is always the impression they will always have on you. 

Braithwaite said it is important that you speak well, “Yes ma’am or Yes sir”, speak clear, make eye contact, and ask great questions. 

“I feel like this event gave assurance of the accolade and the academics do matter. HBCU students feel lower going to a interview because the world is stuck on PWI being more prepared than HBCU students going into a interview,” Braithwaite said.  

She wants to change the mindset that PWI (predominantly white institutions) is more interview prepared than HBCU. 

A lot of students can agree maybe this happened to them once. 

Not saying you are not smarter than the other person, they just think they are more prepared. 

This event is the reason Jordan wanted to accomplish this event to show you simple interview skills and show how to format your resumes to be the best. 

“I am heavily devoted into doing more programs like this resume workshop because I just want to make sur our students know they hard work matter. They just need to know how to show it,” Braithwaite said. 

Braithwaite said despite the event having passed she is going to keep reaching out to try and help the students.  


NAACP President Jordan Braithwaite