Talk Back: What is one thing you’d change about GSU?


Kaelyn Kelly
Katy, Texas

Elementary Education Major

"Grambling State University should instill a greater amount of funds into the Orchesis Dance Company. When it comes to football performances, the requirements are usually 3 different hairstyles for the entire season. Along with hair, we have to purchase tights, makeup, dance attire, shoes etc. Sometimes company members aren’t able to purchase all of these at one time. I believe the University should donate a certain amount of money every summer to help with the company item list." 

Dabria Robinson 
Marion, La. 
Social Work 

"If I could change one thing at this school it would be the safety precautions to me grambling isn’t Enforcing the whole mask situation strong enough . I sat in a class last week with several people not wearing mask and it was okay . I just personally don’t think that’s safe also invest in dome cameras that actually work that way when incidents happen on campus they won’t have to report to social media." 


Ziyan Harris 
Dallas , Texas
Visual and performing arts 

"If I could change one thing about Grambling State University it would be the housing process. If upperclassman are supposed to be in apartment style dorms then that’s what it should be. I don’t understand how the school can’t have enough room for upperclassman to stay on one side together, and there’s plenty of space to create more apartment styles. Grambling needs to do better on how they situate everyone in their dorms." 


Ke’leica Junigan
Gary, Ind. 
Business Management, Dance Minor

"If I can change one thing about Grambling it would be the time management within the school. I feel as if Grambling slacks on getting back to students in a timely manner with important things such as registration or financial aid." 

Faith Johnson
Monroe, La.
Senior Visual and Performing Arts, Dance concentration

"If I could change one thing about Grambling, it would be the location. Grambling is located about an hour from the nearest”big” city. Grambling has many things to offer it students and I feel it would have even more  things to offer if it was located in bigger city. There would be more things for the students to experience outside of campus and more people to give back to the school in ways other than sending money. It would also make Grambling a better attraction to high school students deciding where to attend college."