Rep ‘yo Hall: Rahn’ae Rue

Rahn’ae Rue is a returning junior this year at Grambling State.

She lives in Sojourner Truth Hall.

“Since I was a freshman here at Grambling State I have been living in Truth hall,” she said. “Truth was different when I was here as a freshman.”

There were only a few changes freshman year like hanging out in the halls all night.

“I had fun my freshman year in my hall because we were a little freer,” she said.

Truth wasn’t her first choice to move into.

She had other choices but she didn’t like how the inside of the apartments looked at the other buildings.

“Sojourner Truth is not as bad, honestly,” Rue said. “It’s not far from campus.”

Rue said some of  the living spaces at Grambling are a good walking distance from the school.

“To me, I think living on campus is good. I am allowed to have a meal plan,” she said. “Also, I get to be close to most of my friends at Grambling. I can go in and out of the cafeteria. Most of the time Truth does be clean in the halls.”

Rue said with all the good living on campus there are cons.

“I put them in a maintenance call and it took them about a week to get back to me. I honestly feel like when you make a maintenance order they should respond back quickly and the job should be done within a couple of days,” Rue said.

With our World-Famed Marching Band things can get real loud.

“One thing I do not like at all is that the band practices are so close and loud that I can’t always sleep in when I can,” Rue said. “I did get to live with my best friend in my apartment.”

With her being from Kansas City she was new to the area. She was new to the area of Ruston and grambling.

“I felt good living in a girls-only dorm my freshman year,” she said.

This allowed her to feel comfortable with herself around other girls.

“My freshman year I stayed to myself mostly but once my sophomore year came around I started to venture out and meet other girls in my hall,” she said.

Covid was hitting the world hard and Grambling as well.

“Things changed once Covid hit my sophomore year,” Rue said. “Truth hall started to apply different rules, we could have guests and we always had to wear a mask when we entered the truth  building.”

So now ‘Post Covid’ rules have changed.

“We are allowed to have guests now, that is one thing that I do miss in the previous years,” Rue said.

Now since Covid restrictions have been relaxed, things are returning back to normal.

“My senior year I would rather not live on campus but if I had to I’ll come back to Truth,” Rue said.

Rue said all in all Truth is a great dorm to start your college career in.

“We may not all like each other all the time but we built a bond in our building,” Rue said.

Rahn’ae Rue