Police Chief Melton expects focuses on safety measures for Homecoming

Grambling State University Police  Chief Jerry Melton is doing all he can to promote safety this homecoming. 

As the world is changing there are more and more things to be cautious with in our daily lives. Covid is something our communities are dealing with in our daily lives. 

With homecoming around the corner, Grambling PD is preparing to make sure everyone has a safe homecoming. 

Melton said the crowds in town for homecoming should adhere to campus expectations. 

He said in order for the community to have fun at homecoming we have to make sure we are following safety protocols. As a school, community members and visitors alike need to keep the “ G” safe at all times. 

“Know that Grambling is our home and treat it as such,” Melton said. 

Melton just finished his second year with GSUPD. He is a native of Ruston by way of Monroe and has been in law enforcement for 28 years. 

Melton expressed his concerns about Covid-19 guidelines being followed during homecoming events. 

He said that keeping CDC regulations and campus rules in mind will help events run smoothly without intervention. 

Officers will enforce mask mandates at school-approved events as the top priority for things to do during upcoming events. 

“We are here for you to have fun but safety is first, it can only be ruined if people are not being safe or are putting others in danger,” Melton said.  

Melton said despite student grumblings otherwise, the Grambling Police Department is there to ensure safety, not ruin homecoming. 

“If you are not doing things that put people in an unsafe environment there would be no reason to ruin it,” Melton said.  

Melton said it is very important to keep in mind that staying safe other than Covid is high on the list for homecoming as well. 

He added it is very important to keep students safe as Grambling will have visitors from all over. 

GSUPD Chief Jerry Melton