LAVISHLY RACHAE´ Boutique by Janaejah Logan

Grambling State University student Janaejah Logan is an entrepreneur at Grambling State University who hopes to bring new stylish fashion choices to the females on campus through her brand Lavishly Rachaé.

Logan has clothing choices such as dresses, jerseys for females, and sandals, all of which come in bright vibrant colors.

Along with outfits, Logan has had multicolored purses available in several unique styles from Nike Basketball Purses, and Jadior purse sets, to two toned jelly purses, a New York clutch that you would have to see to believe, and accessories such as eyelashes and even sunglass styles that can be considered unisex.

A native of Wisconsin, Logan’s recent move to Lake Charles is the place she now calls home, and this is where she first gained a clientele for merchandise. When asked what made her want to go into merchandising and brand building she said, “once everything was getting shut down I thought, ‘I’m still going to need a source of income.’”

Since the impact of COVID-19 was felt early last year, many Americans were left jobless and looking for ways to stay afloat or create streams of income that are not dependent on the success of another person’s company leading to a boom in sole-proprietorships and online businesses that could be run for home. With government assistance, the chance to build on all forms of income has inspired resourceful people to build off tools they had at their disposal.

The convenience of online shopping is an aspect of life that has only been enhanced by the new normal we live in with this virus fluctuating the way it does, but the art of hand-to-hand sales is not lost upon the youthful consumer. “There are definitely pros to selling things on hand because people do not really like to wait a week for their things to come in, but if I have it they tell me I can come get it right now.” Being able to pick out an item on the spot and receive it immediately is a part of life in which we are all accustomed, but as in person encounters are fleeting, buying products on-hand gives a buyer a personal touch that is very enjoyable. Logan even made a sale immediately following our interview.

Being on campus is a barrier when building up repeat customers but having a core base of sales back home can help support the brand as is grows and rebuilds. After looking for vendors that provide products for wholesale use and redistribution Logan found that small businesses often sell vendors lists as another form of income; however, Lavishly Rachaé was created by networking with vendors from Janaejah’s personal research and finding the styles that she saw as a good fit for her brand.

If you ever want to check out any of Janaejah Logan’s merchandise it can be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @LavishlyRachaé

Student entreprenuer Janaejah Logan with some of the items she has available for sale.