GSU Office of Career Services building bridges

GSU’s Office of Career Services might not be in the civil works industry but they are in the business of “building bridges” for GSU students.

As part of its enduring mission to ensure that students are ready for employment in their respective industries, the Office of Career Services recently successfully hosted a virtual in which over 200 employers and graduate schools participated.

“At this year’s career fair, which was the first conducted virtually due to the pandemic, we had over 200 employers and graduate schools speaking to students one-on-one and group sessions. Participation was excellent, the fair was a huge success,” Greta Carter, Interim Assistant Director for Career Services, said. 

The hosting of career fairs is an annual exercise that is over 50 years-old here at GSU.

“We’ve hosted career fairs for over 50 years. We had a fantastic career director in Mr. Lonny Smith, who was here decades. He set the standard for getting our students involved in internships, prepared in making the connections and building the necessary bridges with companies and industries,” Carter said.

The feedback from companies and number of students are indicators of the career fairs’ success.

“We know the fairs have been successful based on the feedback we’ve got from companies and the number of students we’ve placed in jobs, internships and graduate school,” said Carter.

The office also makes sure that alumni are involved.

“We have a history of getting alumni involved and aligning students with alumni is very important to us. We are grateful that when alumni are established in their industries they reach back to bring others abroad,” said a beaming Carter.

Not only does the Office of Career Office establish connections and bridges but they also ensure that these relationships are symbiotic.

“As we speak the office is creating a survey for the employers so that we can get an insight on how we can make it a better experience for them. What our students are good at and where they can improve, so that it can be a win-win for everyone,” Carter said.

Besides career fairs, the department is involved in other preparatory exercises for students.

“One of the things we do in preparing students for their next step is review resumes. Students submit their resumes to us and we review them. We also have a career closet, with clothes for students to select from, if they don’t have clothes to wear for interviews,” Carter said.

Students are also offered professional development.

“Our office also offers professional development training, lessons on etiquette, communication skills, just anything that will make the student well rounded with skills employers are looking for,” said Carter.

The aim is that in the end every student be able to seamlessly step into their intended and desired future.

“Our goal is that every graduate of GSU have a job offer or graduate school offer upon graduating,” Carter stated.

Interim Assistant Director of Career Services, Carter advised, encouraged and challenged students to take matters of their future into their own hands.

“Take ownership of your future, we have the resources at your disposal here, make use of them and be the best you can be,” she said.