Gemini Club returns

The Gemini Club is back and ready to help the Grambling community in as many ways possible while also having fun. 

The Gemini Club was created in 2020 at Grambling State University. 

Biahje Benson, the first ever Miss Gemini Club, provided insight about the Gemini Club and her  perspective. 

“I serve as the first ever Miss Gemini Club 2021-2022. I was elated for this position August 27, 2021 and my debut was at the coronation of Miss Grambling State University along with the other Mr./miss of each club and organization,” Benson said. 

Despite its events, some students are as of yet unfamiliar with the Gemini Club. Som may ask 'What is the Gemini Club?' 

“The Gemini Club is a community service organization with the hopes of bringing fun and  excitement to the school,” Benson said. 

This club was founded by a fellow Grambling student. 

“The Gemini club was founded by Adairre Wilson to spread campus wide inclusivity,” Benson said. 

Benson is a Gemini herself but this club is not only for Gemini’s. 

This club is for every zodiac sign, everyone is welcome. 

“As a Gemini myself, I was immediately intrigued and wanted to be a part of a smaller  organization,” Benson said. “This club is not only for Gemini’s contrary to popular belief.” 

The Gemini Club supports others and help the campus community. 

“The purpose of Gemini Club is to promote campus wide positivity, to serve our campus  community through active service and campus beautification, support members academically,  socially, and creatively,” Benson said.  

Last week, the Gemini club held an event on the yard called “Pie-a-Gemini”. For this event, you  pay two dollars to smash whipped cream in one of the Gemini club members faces. 

This was a  fun and safe event for campus students. 

“Pie-A-Gemini was a fundraiser event held by the Gemini club to help raise funds for our club in  order to host more events on campus, serve the community in larger ways, and do more  outreach to prospective members,” Benson said. 

 Benson said the club has a special place on campus. 

“This club is trying to make campus feel celebrated in every way possible,” Benson said. 

The Gemini club members' vision is to help the students and the Grambling community as much  as they can. 

This Club has many plans and goals for this year 

“We have big plans of doing more outreach, continuing service in the community, helping  students in their time of need and feeling the passion at Grambling State University,” Benson said.