Gemini Club president lays out agenda of semester events


A rapidly growing organization on campus known as Gemini club is hoping to build upon their growth as they came together last semester.

Even through COVID they found ways to be contributing members of the campus community.

Contrary to popular belief this club is open to all students of every zodiac sign and focuses much of their attention to student engagement.

The president of Gemini Club, Adairre Wilson, explained what Gemini club has done in the past and what they hope to accomplish through the next year.

“We were founded last year, unfortunately when we were founded is when COVID-19 really took a toll and we were forced to move out, but that didn’t necessarily stop us. We gave out COVID gift bags and empty boxes to help along with the moving process,” Wilson said.

With this organization being so new the most important aspect of its return to campus is going to be adding to its membership and gaining a larger reputation on campus through events they hope to host on campus in the future.

Recently they held a fundraising event where the current members were pied on the yard for donations, this coming a few weeks after their first appearance at an organization fair held by the office of student engagement.

Wilson said future events are in the works for Gemini Club this semester.

“We are planning on hosting a few events. The one that is up and coming is, we would like to host a haunted house through JTS, we’re collaborating with other clubs, just to name a couple, West Coast Club is going to collaborate and hopefully that will get our name out there and we can build on the foundation we already have,” Wilson said.

Outside of just engaging with students the core of this organization was rooted in helping the campus community and the larger Grambling Louisiana community.

With winter coming up and COVID still being an everyday factor for how we go about our lives Gemini Club hopes to still be diligent in their work in helping others.

“Gemini Club is really, really big on community service. Before the semester ends we are hopeful to have, not only have a winter clothing drive, but also a blood drive.

“We want to give back in as many ways as possible,” he said.

To keep up with Gemini club, their events or if you are interested in getting involved you can follow them on Twitter @Gemini07963095 and Instagram @GSUGemini.