Talk Back: Why did you choose to become a Student-Athlete in the SWAC?

Cam Christian (Men’s Basketball, 1st Team All SWAC)
Allen, Texas
Multimedia Journalism
Redshirt Senior

“I chose to play in the SWAC because I wanted to play under a predominantly African American coaching staff while still playing at the D1 level.” 


Justice Coleman (Women’s Basketball, 2nd Team All SWAC)
Baton Rouge, La.
Graduate Student

“I wanted the HBCU experience. Also, Grambling was my family rivalry and I wanted to break that chain.” 


Prince Moss (Men’s Basketball)
Bessemer, Ala.
Criminal Justice
Graduate Student

“I really didn’t want to play in the SWAC. I thought I was good enough for another Division 1. But coach Jackson gave me the opportunity and I still didn’t take it. I ended up declining him and his exact words to me were “It’s ok young fella I’ll wait for you next year”. And after talking to my parents about going back to Junior college they thought it would be a great idea for me to attend this school which I did and I’m forever grateful to be playing in the SWAC here at Grambling State.” 


Kamaron Powell (Women’s Soccer)
Charlotte, North Carolina
Criminal Justice / Psychology Minor

“I chose to play in the SWAC after visiting my older sister while she played soccer at Alabama State and had a successful, enjoyable career. I fell in love with the idea of playing the sport I love while surrounded by people that look like me. Growing up playing soccer I have always been the only black girl on the team. So, when the opportunity presented itself to represent black culture and excellence as well as showcasing my skills and leadership at the Division I level, I knew Grambling State was the University and program that I was destined to grow with and be a part of.”    


Corey Russell Jr. (GSU Football)
Arcadia Louisiana
Sports Management

“The SWAC wasn’t my first option to be honest, I was committed to Baylor, but things happen, so I had to decommit. So, I ended up choosing Grambling on signing day over McNeese University, Louisiana Tech, and University of Louisiana Lafayette. I chose Grambling out the four because it was closer to home, it felt like home when I came on my visit, and the scheme on the offense fit me perfect so why not choose a SWAC over PWI.”