Talk back: Which method of instruction do you prefer and why?

Angelina Tchongo

“Personally I prefer in-person learning, zoom feels awkward. With in-person learning there’s interaction if you’re getting confused or left behind the professor can pick that up instantly. Questions can be asked and answered on the spot.”


Tkeiryah Martin
Social Work
Jonesboro, La. 

“I prefer in-person because it is hand-on and feedback is immediate. I don’t have to email the professor and wait for them to email me back.”


Takudzwa Mawisire
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

“I am all for in-person learning because focus is maintained for longer spells as opposed to virtual. Being in class, for me means I’m less susceptible to distractions.”


Judith Kiptanui
Eldoret, Kenya

“To be honest I prefer hybrid. This method allows for classroom interaction with both my classmates and the professors. Hybrid is also convenient since assignments can be done over Canvas which allows students with other commitments to handle their business as long as they manage their time.”


Landric Watson
Criminal Justice
Shreveport, Louisiana

“I get distracted easily so it has to be in-person for me. Virtual learning just doesn’t do it for me, I need to be in class to be fully focused.”