Talk Back: What do think that Grambling needs on campus?

Micheal Kindle

“I think the Grambling needs more different type of clubs on campus. I know that Grambling has clubs like the modeling club and the social organizations on campus, but I compared to other schools who have chess clubs and game clubs just for example of a border range of cub activities that could compete at competitions.”


Myles Xavier Miller
Mass communications

“I think that Grambling should have more student engagements that’s more separated from the greek and social organizations events that promote they selfs, I think Grambling should have more school orientated events that deal with careers and education.”


Ta’Veon Dismule
Music major

“I think that Grambling needs more buildings like another art building and more places to just go hang out at. Also I feel like Grambling needs more space I think its a safety hazard having the dorms so close.”


Dale Marshall Jr.
Computer science
Shreveport, La.

“I think that Grambling needs more parking space for the students because I be having a hard time finding parking for class.”



Antonyo Randle
Music ED
Monore, La.

“I think that Grambling needs more buildings on campus for different departments or new majors, also I think that Grambling needs better food.”