Talk back: What are your plans after graduation?

Sherridan McCray
Plano, Texas
Biology Major 

“I want to apply to UTA DENTISTRY GRADUATE SCHOOL , and finish with my masters OR I would like to join the Air Force and continue my education after I’m settled in my field. Graduate with my Dental Program Masters. Then become a dental assistant, dental hygienist, dentist (5+yrs), Orthodontist is the final goal and outcome.”


Destiney Velasquez 
Los Angeles, Calif. 
Social Work Major

“Move to Dallas and start my career I suppose."


Rayeonne Pritchett 
Los Angeles, Calif. 
Criminal Justice Major

“After I graduate I wanna go to either Georgia State law school or thurgood Marshall law school , I want to receive a certificate in entertainment law and graduate from law school with a career.”


Jada Greenard
Cotton Valley, La.
Criminal Justice Major

“Chile to move to Houston and began police academy.”


Tyrick Porter 
Baton Rouge, LA
Criminal Justice Major

“Starting my own psychology clinic after graduation for my own private practice.”