Talk Back: How would you rate the HBCU experience?

Matthew Boult
Business Management Major
Houston, Texas

“I would rate the HBCU experience a 10/10 the atmosphere and culture is amazing and a lot of fun. Also the alumni support is crazy, being an athlete when we travel our the country state to state there’s love everywhere.”


David Valoy
Criminal Justice Major
Arlington, Texas

“For me the HBCU experience has been a 8/10, the people and culture is great but the support staff could be better as far as helping students with classes, housing, and other things to make student’s lives easier.”


Keylon Mack
Sports Journalism
Gladewater, Texas

“The HBCU experience has been a 10/10 for me, the student involvement with on campus events is crazy things like movie nights, karaoke nights, and game nights are always packed with students and the energy is always up there.”


Garret Riley
Computer Science Major
Long Beach, California

“Grambling’s HBCU experience for me has been a 6/10, The housing could be much better as far as how good it looks and availability for students. College is already stressful day to day, where we lay our head should be the least of our worries.”


Tez Coleman
Business Management
Boutte, La.

“My HBCU experience has been a 9/10, the campus life is great but I feel Grambling could spend money better to update  and advance the look of the campus instead of blowing millions on things such as the digital library that if we are being honest majority of students will not go to so why not update things like the café, housing, or gym an pool for the majority students to enjoy.”