Talk back: How has your experience at Gram been so far?

Kambria Cash 
Sahuarita, Arizona 

“My experience at Gram so far has been enjoyable. I have made great friends, and really enjoy the atmosphere of the campus. I love being a part of the soccer team as well!” 


Heaven Musa 
Seattle, Washington  
Sociology and History 

“My experience at Grambling so far has been up and down because I’m trying to find people I can trust while trying to keep to myself. But I’ve made a lot of friends and I’m trying to figure them out so I don’t exactly know if I can’t trust them yet.”


Diedra White 
Dallas, Texas 

“My experience at Grambling has been exciting! I have met a wonderful group of people and  being here at an HBCU has finally allowed me to feel fully comfortable in my skin. The friendly  environment here as well has also made the transition here very smoothly.” 


Coriasia King 
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

“My experience at Gram so far is good. I love it and the overall vibe of it is amazing.”