Talk back: How has Covid affected you and society?

William Savala 
Dallas, Texas 
Criminal justice 

"Covid had a major affect on me and society because it literally changed our way of living from the not being able to visit family members during Quarantine and mandatory mask mandate." 


Meagan Sneed 
Elementary education 
Gibsland, La. 

“Covid affected my society and I by making us quarantine and practice social distancing. Because we had to quarantine, we had to social distance ourselves from family and friends. We couldn’t visit our families that were in the hospital, and we couldn’t travel to see our family. Social distancing made attending virtual school safer but harder. There were times I would email a teacher because I didn’t understand an assignment, and they would either email me back too late or not at all.” 


Makayla B. Roberson, RSW 
Arcadia, La 
Bachelor of Social Work 
Graduate Student 

"Covid-19 affected myself and society in a major way. Jobs and lives were lost; also, people’s physical and mental health were affected. Covid seriously affected my education in the last semester of undergraduate. When you major in social work, you have to complete a semester of internship. Being that my internship was the year covid hit, I was placed in a school setting. Following guidelines such as “social distancing” and the mask mandate, our children at the junior high were missing more days than attending because someone would test positive which led their peer groups into quarantine. During a regular school year, I would have gained more knowledge than I did last year, but I am grateful to have graduated and now I am working as a full time case manager. Although covid has affected us in many different ways, we as a society have learned to become stronger and smarter." 


Heaven Nelson 
Business and management major 

"Covid affected me and my society in a very ruff way . When Covid hit , the government shut down majority of all work force areas , which left slot of people unemployed , broke , homeless , etc . Covid brought a huge toll on this world especially with all the rules that were put in place. It’s slowed down the process on a lot of things for people , one being finishing school . Hopefully things will get back to normal so that the world can get back on the path it was once on."


A’lancia Foster
Child Development 

"The pandemic has affected thousands of peoples, with either being sick or being killed by the disease, it also affected me by the way the world change with it came, it change the way we lived so it took a big affect on me."