Talk Back: How do you plan on helping the youth when you graduate?

Promise McCree
Dallas, Texas
Criminal Justice

“So far, with the help of my team, we’ve created a movement called ‘A Safe Space’ that brings awareness to mental health, overall wellness to the mind, body, and spirit. Lastly a platform for all artistic expression Mon- Fri at Black 2 Basics Bookstore in Grambling. I definitely see “A safe Space” continuing far beyond my tenure at Grambling State University. I strongly want to inspire all individuals and create great platforms for all artist. I believe that my voice serves a greater, divine purpose.” 


Zachary Miller
Shreveport, Louisiana

“I plan on helping the youth by coming back to my old high school in the community where I spent my whole life at and coach the younger kids in football, I feel like I can make an impact because I was once those kids and I’m going to try and lead them in a better way to make them successful.” 


Nyeisha Robinson
Shreveport, Louisiana

“I plan on helping the youth by giving back. I want to do school donations. And give out scholarships to the students that plan on going to college.” 


Stephen Bates
Houston, Texas
Engineering Technology

“I plan on helping the youth get out the box mindset of being limited to sports as the only way of success and show them that it’s other ways to become successful.” 


Kamylle Wells
Elementary Education

“I plan using my teaching degree to not only help student in the classroom, but outside of the classroom as well. Doing as much as I can with after school programs and mentoring programs. Creating an environment safe for children to be to confide in and feel comfortable to be themselves. My teaching style itself will also be great way of helping the youth by purposely creating a stress-free classroom with understanding, patience and consideration for others, teaching them how to not only be phenomenal students but exceptional people as well.”