Talk Back: Do you plan on giving back to the Grambling State University athletics when you have graduated?

Malik Abdul 
Detroit, Michigan 

“I do plan on giving back when the time is right for me in the years to come. I think the baseball team could use quite a few new upgrades to the facilities we use. I think the field should have new repairs to make grambling more attractive to players and fans.”


Alyssa Goodloe 
Beaumont, California 

“I would love to give back to the GSU athletics to give a more appealing look for the facilities we use. The weightroom we use is nice. But if we could get a turf soccer field or a new score board or something that’d make grambling soccer more exciting to see. I love it here already, but when you look at other division one school’s the fields look more unique. I’d be perfect for the Lady Tigers”.


Antonio Jones 
Atlanta, Georgia 

“Yeah, it'd be nice to give back to the Grambling State athletics sometime down the road. The gates to get into the field would look nice if they got upgraded a little bit. I think the gates give an old school look, but the new school gates would make players migrate to GSU faster.”


Edwinia Foster 
New Orleans 

“I plan on giving back to the GSU softball athletics in the future. I think it’d be really beneficial if the softball team was able to have our own locker room like some of the other sports teams here. The nag of having to wear our uniforms to and from practice isn’t very convenient. So, yes, I do plan on giving back.”


Kevin Breaux 
Reserve, La.  

“Yes, I plan on coming back and giving back to athletics here at GSU. I think the baseball team could use a field makeover. It would be pretty cool if we had the same facilities as the school down the road from us at LA Tech. The turf baseball field and field layover would attract many good recruits in the future for Grambling baseball, well GSU sports as a whole honestly.”