Talk back: Do you believe everybody should be vaccinated?

Travaughn Smith
Homer, La.

“I believe not cause people need to make their own choice not getting it thrown on them i feel like that this thing is getting people to fight and argue when this thing didn’t half to be that big of deal people have rights were all equal.”


Dymond Wilson
Shreveport, La.
Criminal Justice 

“I believe that whether or not people should get vaccinated should be their choice. There are many people who have a reason they want to get vaccinated. There are also people that don't want to be vaccinated and have a reason why. As a country that says liberty for all, we have to actually give people that liberty.”

Mario Lattin
Shreveport, La.
General studies

“If they believe it’s the best option for them and their family the yea. If they feel as though it’s not needed or don’t trust it then that’s also within their rights. Everyone should have a choice on if they want to take it or not.”


Tanzanea Villacis
Baton Rouge, La. 

“Yes, because getting that vaccine not only protects you from the severe effects of the virus but as well as others. Everyone yearns for society to go back to normal without taking the necessary precautions in order to go back to those times. Look at how the measles and polio outbreak was handled and now they are 85-99% cleared from the states. Everyone just has to be on one accord.”


Brianne Grisley 
Pensacola, Fla. 

“Yes, Because I’m ready for the world to open back up so I can travel and not wear a mask with no worries.”