SGA Junior Class Senator Taylor Polk

Taylor Polk is a junior child development and education major from Birmingham, Ala. 

She is currently Junior Class Senator for the Student Government Association. 

As class senator her main role is to manage the budgets for things like Homecoming events, Miss Grambling’s wardrobe and other events held around campus.

Another responsibility she has as senator is making sure that each student at Grambling voices are heard. 

“Every Thursday, we have a sip and eat in the Grambling cafeteria and talk to students about things they think Grambling needs to improve on,” Polk said. 

Polk said a lot of reasons for joining SGA. 

“I just wanted to be a part of an organization that is designed to help people and be the change in university,” Polk said. 

Right now SGA is planning events around campus such as career fairs, community service events, and getting things ready for homecoming. Also finding ways to give students at GSU a better college experience. 

When asked, what is some of the feedback you have gotten from students on campus about how to better the university and/or the experience. 

“We have gotten things like extending the curfew, no curfew, more dumpsters, better food in the cafe after 11pm, and more lights in the dorm rooms,” Polk said. 

Polk said the group is actively planning events all the time. 

“We go in the cafe every Thursday and talk to some of our classmates about some changes they want to see around campus and if they have access to everything to check their grambling emails,” Polk said. “We plan by having meetings and discussing with the entire Student Body.” 

Polk said the SGA plans on making these changes the students are requesting. 

Taylor Polk