GSU carries out another successful High School Day

Picking a college can be stressful. 

Grambling State University makes a point every year to host a whole day – its High School Day – showing off the place “where everybody is somebody” to help high school students with such a big decision. 

“It's one of our biggest recruiting tools,” Cecil Holt, a recruiter/admissions counselor, said. “We were excited to have all of our guests on campus after such a crazy year, year in a half with the pandemic. Having everyone back on campus and being at Grambling University. I think we took necessary precautions checks for covid vacations, negative covid test and the mask mandate “ 

From large busses, an enormous welcome sign to free backpacks, the academic browser, a campus tour, a huge prep rally, alums cooking and many tailgating, meal/ game tickets and a football game High School Day is all about getting students ready. 

It is an active day for students to explore and show different resources and different approaches to the future on conquering dreams or make a platform for new dreams to come about high school day is inspiring and a beneficial way for the institution for every student wanting to take the steps to furthering their education to build to have a smooth transition. 

“It gives students an opportunity to ask the questions that they had about the different academic departments. I believe our academic departments did a great job representing themselves and their departments,” Holt said. 

The volunteers guided the students on tours of GSU’s campus. 

“Playing my part with my team, the admission office. I want to thank the student ambassadors and the volunteers, whom had the most contact with the students and with my team and all their hard work and help; the day probably wouldn't have been as successful as it was.” said cecil Holt.

Families were also pointed to the academic browser for information.
“The academic browser looked like a fair where students could look and take useful information, also maybe a treat, and speak to a representative,” Holt said.  

Later GSU president Rick Gallot strolled with his fraternity Kappa Gamma Psi at the pep rally. The World-Famed Marching Band performed. 

Greek and non-Greek organizations, campus living and financial aid etc, made an appearance at the prep rally for more knowledge.

The students were getting “lit” and learning much more than they acknowledged.

What made your role so important in high school/ closing comments. 

High School Day pep rally