Tarrant Graham: Grinding all my life

Grambling State alum Tarrant Graham has been one of Shreveport’s highly regarded figures around the city. 

He is a counselor at one of the top agencies and working on being the best trainer in the city. 

He graduated from Grambling in 2000, and majored in recreation where he dreamed of becoming a football coach football at his old high school, Southwood. 

Growing up, Graham’s parents were poor and had 14 kids. His childhood was tough living in those circumstances. 

As he was maturing, he wanted to take the independent route, he felt like the military was the next step. 

“I wanted to give back and coach my old high school,” Graham said. “My mindset was always to work and grind, so I kept working on my body and I also trained my brothers and sister and other family members.” 

Being in the military for five years he experienced so many things that helped him become the man he is. 

After his military career ended – around the age of 22 – he decided to go to college and get his degree.  His youthful dream of becoming a football coach did not work out, so he had no other choice but to find an alternative. 

He became a counselor at Family Services agency in November of 2000. 

“I was fascinated in working with people, during that time because helping people was my goal,” Graham said. 

Around the agency he started building connections with lifelong friends. He knew his goal could be bigger than what he saw and also from others around. 

Co-workers planted a seed into Graham, saying he should be an entrepreneur to go farther in his career. 

“Around the agency two female CEO were always watching me , because you will always need a mentor or someone to help and gain knowledge on where you need to go,” Graham said.  

Graham decided to go back to school and get his masters at Louisiana Tech in 2006. 

That’s when majored in Guidance and Counseling so he could be certified and become a licensed personal counselor. 

With this certification Graham began getting contracts around the Webster Parish area, near where he was working in Minden. 

During the year 2006 to 2011 he contracts got cut. 

“They paid me the balance of the contract that cut, so I used to that money to start my own business, TNT Body Camp in May 2011,” Graham said. 

Graham credits the military with giving him the mindset to always keep working. 

Working out at the Plex facility Graham met Carrol Baker who would be come a mentor. 

Baker was into martial arts but helped and gave Tarrant the opportunity to be a trainer. 

In 2011 Baker told Graham to conduct workout classes and after Graham got certified to be an actual trainer. 

“I always to that grit and grind mindset from the military to make it, to the next level.” Graham said. 

Becoming a certified trainer, he taught a high intensity interval training class, he kept improving as a trainer and decided he wanted his own gym. From there things started to take off and people started noticing.  

“Having that entrepreneur mindset was my drive. You have to make things work and keep building. My first building you could see the growth in my training and my personality trying to build connections, just showing the city of Shreveport my worth ethic,” Graham said. 

Graham said starting TNT gave him the direction he needed. He now needs a larger training space. 

“My main goal is to educated and empower people lives, give the skill and knowledge of being an entrepreneur. And being one like myself shows that anything is possible,” Graham said. 


Tarrant Graham