Miss Sophomore lives new role

College is a place where young adults experience true freedom and independence for the first time in their lives.

 Many students see the movies about wild college life and come with the mindset of partying all day and night. 

But when you’re a public figure on campus that’s not exactly the lifestyle you can live. 

Dallas, Texas native Madison Johnson has been crowned Miss Sophomore for the 2021-2022 academic year and has put her official duties first. 

“Yes we are all young and like to have fun with our friends, but responsibilities come first and this is the role I chose and worked hard for I’m 100% committed to it,” Johnson said.

Earlier this semester while other students were throwing parties, Madison and the rest of the Student Government Association members were having a Biological and Pre Doctoral Society Resource drive to donate clothes, food and shoes to victims of Hurricane Ida. 

“A lot of families were tragically affected by hurricane Ida, so we are just doing what we can to help out,” she said. 

Johnson has shown a commitment to the responsibilities of this new position and selflessness to spend her days collecting resources to help those in need when fellow classmates are out engaged in social life. 

When you’re a public figure on campus the lifestyle becomes demanding, but you still can have fun and enjoy college. 

Johnson does get her recreation time in. 

Johnson said she and some of the other SGA members frequently go out for brunch and enjoy each other’s company and have fun. 

“We are like a family. They are my brothers and sisters, we look out for each other and have fun together,” she said. 

Miss Sophomore Madison Johnson