Mid-term exam week hits Gram

Grambling University is coming upon the end of the semester quicker than expected. 

Midterms exams are occurring the week of Oct. 4. 

Here at the G, students and staff do not tread lightly when it comes to exam week. It is set that many students on campus are going to be hauling in and bringing out the books. 

Every year, midterm exams appear to be at the top of students' priority list. With the teacher preparation program students are accounted for to be a part of the 100% success rate says GSU academics department. 

The midterm semester grades are expected to be due by October 12th. You can also check for final grades three working days after grades are due from faculty. 

From Oct. 4-8, there was some serious online and in-class testing going on. 

There are plenty of ways for students to prepare for an important test. First students should manage their study time wisely and in advance therefore you have more time to apply yourself to the work that you have revised

Finding somewhere that makes you comfortable and focused is a very important test taking strategy. 

Eating a nutritious breakfast and keeping your mind and body healthy is critical to performing at a high rate when taking an exam. cramming in studying at the last minute will not help you achieve goals of passing an exam let alone with a high grade. 

Freshman Dakari Betts is known to be an honors student-athlete while in high school. He is on the right track this year with goals of achieving honors in college.

“I expect to do well on all my exams but Physical science I’m kind of nervous about that one,” Betts said entering his first Exam week at the G. 

As we all know, test taking can be an adventure in the mind but with the right studying habits and being proactive when anticipating an important test, you achieve your goals of not only passing but with an exceptional grade. 

“I do not work well under pressure so to combat that I take very good notes and study in advance to keep myself afloat when it is time to take my test,” Betts said. 

While exam week is approaching us all too soon some students may feel that it is incredibly important that we take necessary steps to prepare ourselves in the best way possible. Contact your professor, a tutor if needed, create study groups with fellow classmates and pray to whomever you choose. 

Betts is set to have a successful exam week. So are you! Don’t forget to drink lots of water, get lots of sleep and study in advance to prepare yourself in the best way that you can. 

Have a passing and prosperous week Gramfam.

Dakari Bettts