Freshman hopes to make splash as educator

Danielle Dampier is a freshman at Grambling State Univers born and raised in Los Angeles who is hopingto make a splash in education. 

It was in her junior year in high school when Dampier made the commitment to come to Grambling State University.

Dampier said she ultimately decided to come to Grambling because of the opportunity to attend a historically black college (HBCU). She also wanted to live in Louisiana. 

She said she is excited to be an educator in training. 

“Education is important…because It assists an individual to get knowledge and enhance confidence throughout their life,” Dampier said. “It plays a noteworthy role in our career growth moreover in the personalized growth. It has no limitation; inhabitants of any age group can get education anytime. It assists us to decide between excellent and bad things.” 

Dampier said people should care about school because you are going for a higher level of education and to get a degree so that an individual can get a well paid job. 

When she got accepted to GSU, she smiled at her mom. She said she was very excited about getting accepted and it was one of her wildest dreams. 

The freshman experience has been good but very busy. 

Dampier said the atmosphere on college grounds is very fun and unique. 

She has to prioritize and make time management wisely. 

“When people say in college that time management is important that people are not lying at all,” Dampier said. 

Her favorite things about Grambling thus far include events, like poetry and singing. 

The one thing she would change would be the school not having elevators. She said walking up and down the stairs is a great exercise but moving is very difficult. 

Danielle Dampier