GramFam4Ever: Senior Jayda Greenlaw

Can we get 100 more students feeling like Jayda Greenwell their senior year?

Greenlaw is graduating this December and is well on her way to being a great Alumni for Grambling State. 

Greenlaw has achieved many goals here at Grambling and hit many more milestones for herself over her undergraduate career. 

Being at Grambling helped build herself as a person and a businesswoman. 

She has many businesses and she is well known for them and for being true to herself. 

When Greenlaw came to Grambling in 2018 she did not know what she was in for. 

Greenlaw is from Chicago who came to Grambling as she wanted to have four good years of college. 

At first, she didn’t like the move from Chicago to Louisiana. 

“The drive to Grambling state was very boring and there was nothing to look at or see,” Greenlaw said. “As a native of Chicago, I know it’s a big difference.” 

Greenlaw said the adjustment took some time. 

“It wasn’t a huge adjustment but it was definitely different from home,” she said.  

As a freshman, she wanted to be somewhere that felt like home. 

“I was attracted to the family-like atmosphere and that was something she needed because she had no family here,” Greenlaw said. 

Greenlaw said now – event though 13 hours away from her family – she has friends that are like family she said. 

That was something she really needed to have success at Grambling. 

Once she arrived on Grambling’s campus she saw the many clubs the school has to offer and wanted to interact with them. 

“The first thing I wanted to join was the royal court,” Greenlaw said, 

She ran for Ms freshman and didn’t make it.

“So I ran again my sophomore year and won Ms. Sophomore for the school year,” Jayda said. With her high GPA she could have gone to many other HBCUs but she chose Grambling, not by mistake and now said that her children will be following her footsteps. 

“I also feel bad for the incoming freshman didn’t get the Grambling experience because they didn’t get to see the ‘The Yard’ packed with students,” Greenlaw said. 

Covid didn’t stop Greenlaw from getting the personal experience from Grambling when she decided to come back on campus. 

She said, “ She had to come back to live that Gram lives a little bit longer and get that in-person experience like her past years.” 

With her being a senior she wanted to enjoy the full year and be present. So far Jayda’s year has been a blast and been living her best life. 

“The profs she has this semester have been great,” Greenlaw said. 

Also, Greenlaw reported faculty has presented her with opportunities to do things after college is over. 

Greenlaw is an excellent example of a soon-to-be HBCU graduate and can serve as an example to others across Grambling’s campus and universities as a whole.  


Jayda Greenwell