Gramfam to the support


Two great friends spontaneously came up with the idea to support their football team when they get back from a big win. 

Chloe Dovzart and Brooke Gray organized the welcome back party after the season opener. 

On Sept. 5 – after a big win against Tennessee state – Dovzart and Gray showed their loyalty behind our G-men by orchestrating and welcoming back the team after the winning campaign. 

By using Twitter, Dovzart and Gray led the community as it came together in the wake of the G-Men’s win in the season football opener. 

“Honestly…we didn’t think so over 300 people like the tweet but you know how Grambling be – they actually won't show up,” Dovzart said

The crowded atmosphere was loud and full of great positive energy. It was something never seen before on Grambling’s campus. 

The student body came out for the G-Men in waves. 

“It definitely set the tone for the rest of the season like Chloe said and seeing everyone so excited about it warmed our heart when we looked out to the crowded and saw everybody supporting our people there is no better feeling than that,” Gray said. 

Dovzart said It was Gray who started it by tweeting and finding out when the football team arrived so they could meet them and the band once they got back to campus. 

Another student named “Britt” gave them the location where the G-men were dropped off following the game. 

“It was a contribution from everyone,” Dovzart said. 

“It was honestly a random idea and they have never done that before,” Gray said. 

The student body has been slow to come together for the G-men this year, especially after a tough previous season. 

Many students and fans know how the spring season went for the G-Men and it was very tough. The Tigers did not win a game. 

Most of the coaching staff went under new management and the team and the coaches went under a lot of scrutiny. 

“It's our senior year so honestly anything Grambling really means a lot to us. Us winning that football game means a lot to us because of last season we didn’t get to win as many games so it's our senior year sitting down in that stadium as students to see our team get a win,” Dovzart said. 


One of the welcome party's planners.