Professor has a visual art point of view

Abstract painting reflects the colors and different shapes and forms of life, much like balancing artistry, teaching and parenthood.

Anna Miller, is an assistant professor at Grambling state University where she specializes in abstract painting.

Miller was born in Ukraine and now resides in Florida but commutes to Grambling, Louisiana, where she actively works as an artist, professor and a mother.

Of the many forms of painting, Miller exclusively practices abstract painting.

“It’s more relaxing than figu– rative painting,” Miller said.

She finds the time to paint in her leisure time when she is not busy with her children or school work.

“My family always works with me so if I have free time when the kids are in school I would be painting. If I’m not teaching, because I do teach, I would be painting,” Miller said.

“sometimes in the evening when the kids are out and resting, I’m painting so you will find time if you love what you do.”

The assistant professor
has known that painting is something she has wanted to do for most of her life. After college she began working as an instructor.

“I never expected to teach actually. It kind of clicked in,

and I knew that I wanted to teach and I wanted to paint for the rest of my life,” Miller said.

Abstract painting is more of an idea and nothing is ever re- ally what it seems so inspiration can come in any form. Miller draws her inspiration from everything that surrounds her.

“From every single shade and light, I’m actually nearsight- ed,soif IlookatatreeIdon’t see a lot of detail,” Miller said.

Most of her ideas come from nature and how she per- ceives them with her eyes.

“elements that are found
in nature or similar elements that are found in my obstructed thinking,” Miller said.

For most, painting is just another hobby that may or may not be therapeutic. For Miller

it has become an ongoing art form.

“Art is a skill and it could
be developed, all of us have talents, and talent is not in cre- ating art because creating art is your skill, the talent is your pas- sion, and as long as you have natural aptitude, plus passion, you can develop the skills and keep going and become good at it,” Miller said.

Most art speaks for itself, and not every artist has the privilege of not only showing her work, but teaching and instructing her work. This may help in her mastering this craft.

Miller can be found in the studio Arts which is in the Performing Arts building and her office is located in the old Lincoln Prep building.

“Dreapy in Black-White no 1” by Fons Heijnsbroek