Pitcher Abdul sets up shop for MA12 Sports Appeal after NCAA ruling

The NCAA recently passed a rule allowing student athletes to now use their name, image and likeness to benefit themselves. 

Malik Abdul, a pitcher at Grambling State University, has taken that into an advantage of in his life off the field. 

Abdul is a starting pitcher from Detroit, Michigan who has a clothing brand he is able to profit from following the NCAA’s ruling. 

It was great news to his ears when Abdul found out he could start his own clothing brand and not be penalized by the NCAA. 

“I’ve always had a desire to start my own brand since I was a kid. Now that it’s a real thing it’s mind blowing honestly,” Abdul said. 

Abdul said when asked how he felt when he found out he could use his name, image and likeness to profit. 

Growing up in Detroit, Michigan you’re bound to see a lot of new fashion statements. Especially in the winter time when it's cold outside. 

“Playing baseball in the beginning of spring in Michigan it was still cold outside. So you had to have a couple under shirts on to keep you warm. Some undershirts weren’t comfortable or stylish to me. So I took that to my advantage and made my own,” Abdul said. 

Abdul gave credit to his father for helping him start up his brand — MA12 Sports Appeal — and even coming up with a logo idea for him. 

He was able to come up with a material he thought would benefit him on the field while playing sports in the cold weather. 

Abdul’s idea became something that was talked about a lot in the city of Detroit when the NCAA first passed the rule. 

Being able to jump right into making a profit and promoting something kids could use to an advantage during cold times was great for the city of Detroit. 

“Being able to see kids wearing long sleeves and competing in sports was amazing to see,” Abdul said.  

Not only does MA12 Sports Appeal offer long sleeves for the cold seasons, they make socks, t-shirts and sleeveless shirts as well. 

This is a great thing for Abdul because it shows he’s able to do something besides play baseball. He’s able to put his ideas out and conquer them. 

“I can’t play baseball my whole life, but I can sell my own appeal to kids who play sports when I’m older and can’t play baseball anymore,” Abdul stated. 


Malik Abdul