Band member relishes being back on the field

Marching band member Taye Abraham said the experience of traveling to and being at the football season opener versus Tennessee State University was a great welcome back to the fall sports season.  

Abraham, an upperclassman trumpeter with the World Famed Tiger Marching Band, said he enjoys performing in front of large crowds. 

To start the season off he and the band played the televised halftime show for the Black College Football Hall of Fame Classic, which Grambling won 16-10 to kick off the football season.  

“It feels like another one in the books,” Abraham said. “You get used to the performances, the screaming crowds, the adoring fans.” 

Abraham said it took a month for the band to perfect their formations for the performance. During that time the band was seen practicing many nights. 

Although no one off the field complained, Abraham and the World Famed are holding themselves to a high standard. 

He said the band needs to improve. 

“It looked good but amongst ourselves we knew (the) truth,” Abraham said.   

Abraham compared the complexity of the halftime show to that of the game of football itself. 

“The crowd doesn’t know what’s going on, but you know it’s basically the same with the band,” he said.

Abraham said he enjoyed the trip. 

“My favorite thing about going to the game was getting on the flight traveling to Ohio even though I didn’t like the travel time I liked the flight to Ohio that was pretty fun,” Abraham said. 

He said he hopes the G-Men take home a championship this year. 

“That would make me feel real good because I can say I got a championship,” Abraham said.   

 Taye Abraham