College mother Jamerson: A triple threat

Dominique Jamerson is a young, ambitious woman on her way to academic achievement whilst balancing work, school and motherhood.  

Jamerson is a part-time worker at Raising Canes and a full-time student attending Louisiana Delta at Grambling. 

But the task that requires most of her time is being a mother. 

She became a mother eight months prior to becoming a college student. 

"Some days I feel as though I have no time to study because as soon as I leave school I have to get ready for work," she said.  

Although there was a short period of time between becoming a mother and becoming a student. 

Jamerson had doubts about what it was that she wanted to actually do with her life. Jamerson had already developed a work ethic from small jobs after high school and it led her to choose a path where she will always be needed for work. Her course and concentration of study is patient care technology. 

Louisiana Delta has a 2+2 agreement in which students can transfer directly into Grambling after two years at the community college.

"We always need healthcare workers in the world," Jamerson stated. 

Even though the semester is just beginning, one could wonder how does a young woman explore such prosperous goals with a part time work schedule, full time school schedule and motherhood. 

Jamerson said her support system is necessary to her success. 

"I have a wonderful mother who watches my son while I'm in class and work. She's very supportive and makes sure that he's taken care of while I'm gone. I have a great boyfriend who helps me study, keeps me level headed through all of this, and makes sure I retain what I'm being taught. Then there's my son who will always be my motivation to keep going," she said. 

Jamerson said trying to balance everything, finding time to study and being away from her son all day are some of those obstacles that get in the way of her focus sometimes. 

"Between work and school, I only get to see him when it's time for me to go to sleep, I've developed a separation anxiety spending all that time apart from him," she said. 

It is hardly heard of a mother taking on such tasks that requires a lot of time and dedication, anybody looking on the outside may not believe that's it's possible to balance it all. 

"I've gotten plenty of negative feedback for trying to balance everything from certain people around me, but I believe those are their limitations. I don't think I would give up so easy on something that I want. It has everything to do with me and not them,” Jamerson said. 

Jamerson said she is determined to overcome all obstacles as she knows there will be an amazing outcome and new opportunities will present themselves once she graduates. 

"Don't lose faith," she said. "Do what makes you happy, and remember why you're still pushing".