Grimsley aims to give back to community through nursing

Since the beginning Brianna Grimsley has always known her passion for helping people would take her a long way she never had a doubt in her mind. 

The freshman from Pensacola, Fla. is majoring in nursing. 

She always believed that she was destined to become a nurse and represent the brown community with pride and dignity.

Grimsley's purpose for becoming a nurse is bigger than the average freshman. She believes that she can make an immediate impact on her community.

“To make people the most comfortable, and reassured as they can be in a stressful moment in time,” she said. 

Growing up seeing how the brown community is treated in the nursing community and how people grow upon she knows once she gets her foot through the door she will be able to continue to bring pride to her community.

“I chose my major because I need to represent the black community. When people see people of their skin color, taking care of them makes them more comfortable and gives them hope,” Grimsley said. 

Grimsley has always been a leader in her community. She was a part of multiple clubs such as African American club, she was also a girl scout and part of BLM movement. 

“Growing up as the oldest out of three I was looked to as a leader and it came to me naturally,” she said.  

Grimsley said she knows her journey at GSU is going to be a long one and she knows it will not be easy but with her strong faith in the lord and her strong family support and the drive and motivation her community provides for her she knows she can handle anything.  

As a child Grimsley watched her mom finish college in the top three in her class with a degree in engineering as a black woman. Given that model, setting goals and achieving them is something she is familiar with. 

She finished high school in Pensacola with a 3.4 GPA and she was also part of her high school’s nursing program which helped her earn credits for college. 

Grimsley said she wants to make her community and her family proud. She doesn't want to disappoint anybody and puts a lot of pressure on herself not to fail. 

Grimsley has always had strong women in her life and she believes she can follow the footsteps of her mother, aunt, and cousin. All of them have great careers and give back to their community while maintaining a family.

She hopes to follow in the footsteps of her aunt and become a traveling nurse and help people of her community and to help her improve her family name.

Grimsley’s ultimate goal is to break barriers and to continue the success that she knows she's destined for and does not want to disappoint her community.