GRAMbassador Gamble happy to be back on campus

A year and a half ago COVID-19 hit the world.

Millions died worldwide and countless others struggled financially due to the coronavirus. 

The world came to a standstill.  

Sanaa Gamble, from Katy, Texas, was just trying to experience her first year of college.  

As a GRAMbassador Gamble is a mentor at Grambling State University. 

Unfortunately, Gamble had to finish her freshman and sophomore year online due to the pandemic. 

As a result, Gamble missed much of the college experience until now, in her junior year.  

“I am excited to be back, but I feel like everybody needs to do their part to stay safe and protect Grambling State University,” Gamble said. 

The world is slowly recovering from Covid. 

Businesses are continuing to reopen and the lifting of Covid restrictions has allowed many to start enjoying the world again but, with some added rules and protocols that must be adhered to. 

All that matters to Gamble is that now she can go back to Grambling State University to get her degree, and have a shot at a real college experience. 

“I do not feel forced, I feel like they are giving  us an option to go and get a degree somewhere that is not mandating. We are in  Louisiana and here, Covid has one of the highest percentage of citizens with Covid. You must have certain type of shots to attend school anyway,” Gamble said. 

She said she hopes the campus community adheres to Covid protections so as not to jeopardize their chances of missing out on the college experience again.  

Gamble knows if everyone does not wear a mask and practice proper social distance, she will not have the full college experience.  

This fall Grambling State University invited all students back to campus except with the addition of Covid rules and regulations. 

For instance, only 15 people can be in a class at each time and must be at least six feet apart from one another. 

Recently,  Grambling State University, pulled a game changer and mandated vaccinations for students. That mandate will be enforced in November with students being required to show some form of proof of vaccination. 

In a press release Grambling stated, “you have to be vaccinated to be able to be on campus, attend events, and in person classes.”

Gamble said she thinks this is a good way to get everyone on board to either get vaccinated or stay safe while on campus.  

Gamble said her hope for herself and others is to have a “college experience” now that school is back in full swing. 

Sanaa Gamble