Favrot Student Union Board ‘We work hard so you can play harder’’

The GSU experience is academically the focus but Grambling State University wouldn’t be “GramFam” without FSUB.

The Favrot Student Union Board, better known as FSUB, is student-led and available to support and entertain the students.

The student body definitely expects FSUB to bring the “turn up” but that’s just what most can say FSUB is seen for. And anybody on the board can quote that FSUB is here to give students a platform to express themselves. Try new things and new events, find new talents and implement them on a new scale.

“We don’t just host homecomings and spring feasts,” FSUB President Kourtlin Williams said, “we have seminars every year. Last year we hosted the very first men’s brunch on Grambling State University campus to help males communicate and help them with their elegances. Also  to help promote and uplift men.

“We do everything for the student population,” Williams said.

“Last year a student got a $500 scholarship from Steve Brown, a well known comedian, from being on Instagram Live, at an open mic we held on the yard. It’s an opening and ending answer to what we do for the student population.”

FSUB Vice President Renard Woodard explained further.

“We are the engagement for the students outside the classroom. We are there mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and to give whatever the students need.”     Vice “Personally, FSUB is my life,” Woodard said. “I have no life outside of FSUB. I’m one of the first people that gets to the events and sets up and breaks down. FSUB is the reason why I came to Grambling.”

Woodard, who is also a member of the Student Government Association, said being in FSUB is his purpose for being at Grambling.

FSUB President Williams talked about the organization’s importance for him.

“I came to Grambling as a transfer student. I knew nothing about an HBCU, I knew nothing about the way Grambling worked. I just knew people partied,” Woodard said. “My older sister would bring me to the parties.

“But the first thing I was introduced to when I started attending Grambling was FSUB, the second was UAAM (United African American Men).”

Khaaliq Stevenson, the FSUB communication director, discussed an issue that’s bigger than the organization.

“Now facing adversity with today’s new norm, one of the biggest impacts that COVID has on FSUB is that in-person events are so fragile. We promote the mandate of students wearing their face mask.

“But at the end of the day we can’t control what each student does, so that’s where the fragility part comes in,” Stevenson said.

“We have to obey the COVID rules that the university has put on us. But you know students are gonna make their own choices and the selfishness of that can end up putting the whole university in jeopardy.

“Like when students show up to events with no mask or no social distance, it looks bad on FSUB. Our whole thing is making college fun, ’cause although you are here to get your education we still want you to have fun.

“We move with the way of the world and students have to obey the rules or a lot of things will be at jeopardy,” Stevenson said.

It’s easy for students to find out what FSUB is doing. They should just follow the organization’s pages on Instagram and Twitter @WHATISUPWITH FSUB and turn on the Post Notifications.

“Work hard, be one percent better than you were yesterday, be your best self at all times, support us and come out and wear your mask,” Stevenson urged.

The Favrot Student Union Board wants students to have fun but do it safely so as not to put themselves or others in jeopardy. Pictured are (from left) Vice President Renard Woodard, Communication Director Khaaliq Stevenson and President Kourtlin Williams.