Amaru Cavalier: Too fast to notice

Amaru Cavalier’s career pathway to becoming one of the top 400 meter runners in the state has been extraordinary.

Cavalier attended Scotlandville High School in Baton Rouge where he made history and won a state championship as a sprinter and hurdler.

Cavalier is now attending Grambling State University where he is majoring in Kinesiology. 

He is also a main key to the track team, coming in as one of the top 400 meter runners in the state.

Cavalier is expecting big accolades coming this winter season. 

Growing up in south Louisiana Cavalier was born in a rough environment where he faced massive storms such as hurricanes. 

He and his family went through struggles in life losing half of their home to storms when he was a child. 

Cavalier’s father was never in his life and his grandfather passed away in 2014 in a horrible car accident. 

However, Cavalier did not let any of those adversities stop him from becoming who he is today. He turned those adversities into motivation and inspiration to his life. 

“I have to make it out for you mom,” Cavalier said. 

As a child Cavalier has always had the dedication to get better. 

He always pushed himself to be the best at everything he pursued. Amaru had stayed humble throughout his career. 

His main motto has always been to “stay humble but confident.”

“It’s mainly about putting in the work, staying confident but never cocky,” Cavalier said. 

Cavalier also has a strong academic background coming out of Scotlandville, in addition to his track achievements. 

Scotlandville produced several D1 athletes leading Cavalier to feel he could compete on that high level of competition. 

“I want to be the next Grant Holloway,” mentioned Amaru. “I feel that someday I’ll be better than Grant Holloway just by putting the time in,” said Amaru. 

Amaru said his personality is somewhat like Squidward, from the show Spongebob. 

“I don’t really care about anything, but it’s certain things I get sensitive about that I keep to myself and I’m an honest person and will let you know the real on certain situations,” Cavalier said. 

In the next few years Cavalier plans to finish his major in Kinesiology and utilize his skills and information that he obtained to become an sports therapist. 

He also hopes to make the Olympic team in the next five years, being held in In Paris, France, from July 26 to Aug. 11, 2024.