What’s Up With The Rec? Fall events planned

We know that body active students have been wondering when the brand new Intramural Recreation Center will open. Well, here’s your answer!

The recreation center is done but small tweaks must be done.

“My last time over there, I saw workers painting murals, laying tile under the gym bleachers, and fixing up small details that will make a huge difference,” said Terrance Lilly, head of the intramural center. “Just as you guys are ready for it to open, so are we! When I receive the ‘ok’ so will you all.”

Construction on the intramural began in 2019. Many students have wondered when it would be finished.

Many have contributed to this process and students will soon see the hard work and dedication put into the new intramural. The building process was set back many times due to many things.

One of the many setbacks was the outbreak of COVID-19. Coach Lilly and the staff at the intramural are doing many things to ensure the safety guidelines.

Machines and objects used throughout the day are sanitized after a single use. I can assure this because last semester I was a student worker.

Shalia Holmes, Junior Nursing major, stated that she’s most excited about the opening of the pool.

“I pass the new intramural everyday and I just get so excited about the fact that we finally have a pool on campus,” Holmes said. 

Most students I talked to while visiting the old intramural talked about how excited they are just to step foot into the building. 

This intramural may have a huge impact on the campus as a whole. It’s a great opportunity for students to be active. It’s also a great opportunity for students to interact with each other while enjoying themselves. A great way to network.

Until the new intramural is open, there have been QR codes that are scannable to sign up for many different activities. Activities on campus include such as flag football, rec basketball, step aerobics, team obstacles, track, Madden tournaments, paintball, badminton tournaments, dodgeball tournaments, NBA 2k tournaments and surge entertainment.

These sports are meant to bring students closer instead of against each other. You can find these codes around campus at your dorm halls, or you could go to the intramural and sign up in person.

The official Instagram for the Intramural is @gsurecsports. Also to contact them, the numbers available are 318-274-3750 or 318-274-7283.  Ask for Mr. Lilly or Coach Korick.