Athletes offered support in wake of Hurricane Ida

Hurricane Ida took a big toll on the country south when it struck the country in late August, but especially in south Louisiana.

A lot of people were affected, losing their homes and even some — family members. 

The hearts of many across the country are saddened even from those who were not directly affected by the storm. 

Hard times like these shows how strong a community is when you look to lean on your neighbor or close friends and family.

On campus and in classrooms immediately after the storm students were calling and crying calling their parents and family and couldn't get a ring or answer on the phone. 

The scene on the news was very scary at the time. Houses were shown flooded and people were trying to get to safety.  

Brian Howard, Grambling’s Senior Associate AD for Athletic Communications, said student athletes at GSU have been provided support in the aftermath of the storm. 

“Obviously we are truly saddened to hear about those affected by Hurricane Ida. We fully support our student-athletes, coaches and administrators in helping those who need assistance,” Howard said. 

Howard said GSU Athletics is there to support its student athletes. 

“We continue to be supportive, whether through counseling or other avenues,” Howard said. “Clearly we know this is a difficult time for those who have endured so much heartache of losing a loved one or losing a home. We just want to be there and assist where it is needed.” 

 GSU offers a great support system to those experiencing trauma due to the hurricane. 

The Student Counseling and Wellness Resource Center serves students who are experiencing emotional or mental trauma. 

Those in need should call (318) 274-3277 to schedule an appointment with a counselor. 

The center is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.


Brian Howard