Campus remained open following Hurricane Ida

Many students expressed outrage on social media at the university’s decision not to cancel class Monday, following Hurricane Ida. 

Hurricane Ida did not hit Grambling directly; however, many students’ families were impacted.

Prior to the storm, the University partnered with the National Weather Service-Shreveport and prepared for  the Hurricane Ida by adding sand bags and making sure storm drains were clear. 

A large portion of Grambling State University students are from southern Louisiana. 

Hurricane Ida primarily damaged southern Louisiana. 

President Rick Gallot said that once it was clear the storm would not hit GSU, he decided the campus would remain open. 

“We heavily monitored the path of the storm. Once it was abundantly clear that it moved further to the East and that GSU would not be directly impacted, the decision was to remain open because students, faculty, staff, and facilities were no longer in danger” Gallot said.

Former GSU Vice President of Student Affairs Gourjoine Wade said that classes should have been canceled.

“Even if a campus didn’t take a direct hit from the hurricane, all Louisiana campuses should have cancelled class Monday,” Wade said. “Your predominant student population has families from areas impacted by the storm but they are supposed to focus on class? I dont get it.” 

Allen Sandifer is a senior from New Orleans studying mass communication. Sandifer said that he believed school should have been closed due to Hurricane Ida.

“I don’t think we should have had class Monday because students’ families are struggling. It was really hard to focus on class when we didn’t know the status of our families,” Sandifer said. 

“My family didn’t evacuate from New Orleans and they still are without power.” 

Gallot said that the university supports students who were affected by Hurricane Ida.

 “We continue to keep our fellow Louisianans in our prayers as they continue to face challenges resulting from Hurricane Ida,” Gallot said. “I encourage those who are passionate about this issue to direct their energy and resources to support our neighbors who are still in need of assistance.”

The University posted several ‘Weather Watch’ updates on social media prior to the storm.

The Student Counseling Center is available to offer support to students affected by Hurricane Ida. 

Dr. Coleen Speed,  head of the Student Counseling Center, can be reached at